HOME LOAN SOLUTION FOR YOUR PROPERTY PLANSWhen you’re searching for a home loan solutions to your property plans, wouldn’t it be great to have a map leading you to the right loan?

Even better, how about a personal guide?

Kim Wight has home loan solutions for you.

There are many ways to finance a property purchase, so how do you know which particular combination of choices will work for you?

This is where I, Kim Wight Mortgage Broker Sydney, can play a role and offer you advice.

Having me as your own personal mortgage adviser is like having a GPS that can lead you straight to the right home loan solutions for you.

First, I figure out where you are right now. That means finding out about your financial situation and how prepared you are for buying property.

At this stage of the journey,  l help you answer all the questions you have, such as how much can I borrow and what can I afford.

Next up I will find out where you want to go. This will vary depending on what you want to buy and your purpose for buying it.

You may be looking for a first home in the suburbs, an inner city apartment or townhouse, or alternatively you may wish to invest in a rental or commercial property.

Whatever your goals, I will help you identify and refine your objectives and the best way to achieve them.

As your mortgage adviser I will do what I do best – find you the best way to get from A to B, from where you are now to where you want to be.

You can contact me Kim Wight, Mortgage Broker Sydney on 02 95 94 5722 for home loan advice


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