When my clients first contact me, they are often just looking for help in finding the right home loan.

Beyond offering expert home loan advice, I offer a range of additional services and it is these other services I provide that keeps my clients referring their friends and family to me.



Home Loan Advice

Buying a home is most likely the biggest debt you will ever have in your life.  It makes sense to investigate all the loan options in the market place before choosing a home loan and receiving good home loan advice is crucial.

In one meeting we can investigate and compare the interest rates and home loans that are available to you from 25 different lenders and I will share with you expert home loan advice. We then discuss in detail the right option for you and consider my home loan advice. Then you decide on the lender that is right for you. Once you have chosen the right home loan, I handle all the paperwork from loan application through to the day you settle.  I even collect the keys to your new property for you!


Free Property Reports

With so many properties being sold by auction it is often very difficult to know the real value of a home. I can provide free property reports for any property you are considering buying. This free report shows the estimated property’s price range and comparative sales in the area.

These reports are also very useful when people are looking to refinance their current home loan and are unsure of the value of their home or investment property.

The most important thing to remember is that I am always available to answer any finance questions you have, from our initial conversation to when you move into the property settlement and beyond.



Often new clients will contact me wanting to refinance their current home loan to another lender. Most often they will do this in order to get a lower interest rate.

Before you refinance, it is very important that you understand any costs involved in refinancing and ensure that there are real savings in changing to another lender.

I can review the costs for you to make sure that refinancing is in your best interest.


Debt Consolidation

This is when we consolidate other debt they have such as personal loans and credit card debt into a client’s home loan. The main benefit of consolidating your loans is improved monthly cash flow.


Annual Review

My service to you does not stop once a home loan has been done. I will contact you annually to speak to you about your current circumstances and review your financial situations.


On Going Advice

My service to you is ongoing and I want you to keep in touch! I am available to you and answer any ongoing questions you may have regarding your home loan or financial circumstances. I will keep in regular contact with you by email, phone or social media with market updates and changes in the home loan market.