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Kim is an award winning mortgage broker, small business owner and key note speaker. As a finance professional involved in arranging home loans for her clients, she is passionate about empowering people through knowledge.

Kim has a knack of making the subject of home loans and property investing not just informative, but fun and personable too. She will share her own stories and those of her clients to demonstrate both the success and pitfalls of managing your home loans and real estate investments.


Some of her topics include:

Your Money Mindset – How it Determines Your Financial Future

It is not how much money you have that  makes you financially secure but what you do with it. In this presentation Kim gives you tips and strategies to help you develop a healthy positive money mindset . Believe it to achieve it.

The Secrets the Banks don’t tell you that you need to know.

You have always thought that the Banks have a secret agenda when they are dealing with the public? In this presentation Kim brings you up to date on current Bank lending policy and practices. Always good for a few surprises and claims of “I never knew that!”.

Refinancing, is it really right for you ?

We all hear about making sure you have the best interest rate available, but you need to understand the costs associated with refinancing to ensure it is right for you. Kim will help you understand all that is involved for you to make an informed decision.

Help you child get a head start.

It is never too early to start your child on a savings plan and teach them responsible behaviour that will assist them when the time comes to buy their first property. This presentation is suitable for children between 12 to 18 years of age.

Getting your first home loan –  what you need to have and what you need to ask.

Ideal for first home buyers who are looking to enter the property market and don’t know what they need to have and do. The aim of this presentation is to prepare and inform people of the requirements of the lenders when you apply for a home loan and also talks about the questions you should be asking to make sure the loan is right for you.

Property Investing – How to start.

Many people want to start investing but don’t understand how to go about it. Kim will discuss leveraging against existing property and explain what negative and positively geared properties means. There are many ways to structure loans for investment purposes, and in this presentation Kim will show you your options.

Networking – The fun way to grow you business.

In this presentation Kim shares with you her experiences in networking.  At first reluctant to do it, once she started she saw her business income grow and a world of opportunities open for her. She will help you overcome any fears you may have about this form of business marketing.

If your company, sporting group, investors club, school, or group of like minded individuals would like to have Kim present to them please contact us.