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Beginners Guide to Home Loans Myths


Mortgage Broker SydneyDon’t believe everything you hear about home loans. Seek the truth from a professional. This Beginners Guide to Home Loans  Myths can help understand the home loan process and clear up some of the misinformation you might hear.

I have been involved in arranging home finance for people for many years. I have worked for a major bank and finance company and as I write this guide to home loans, I have been an independent Mortgage Broker in Sydney  for 13 years. With 25 years of experience and access to information from other highly experienced brokers and bankers I still get challenged by clients who sometimes do not like what I tell them, if only they had read this guide to home loans and not believed what their other “experts”had told them !

There is a lot of “water cooler” talk out there in the market place and people, while trying to be helpful, will offer advice on borrowing money or structuring loans. Beware, quite often this advice is based on hearsay and not lender policy or principles, that’s where this guide to home loans comes in. You may have heard people say “just get a guarantor”, or, “you need a credit card to get a credit rating before you get a loan”.  Or perhaps the old favourite “I can buy a house and consolidate all my other debt into the mortgage”. While some of this information may have some relevance in some circumstances, in a lot of cases it is just plain wrong. I hope this guide to home loans will dispel some of these myths to help people looking for a home loan get onto the right track.

Guide to home loans – Myth No 1. You Have to Shop Around for the Best Deal

While I agree you need to look at many loan options BEWARE how you do it. This part of my guide to home loans will help you choose how to research a home loan that is right for you.

Nowadays with so much information on the internet many people use it to source loan information. But what I have seen happen is people can get into a trap of applying for a loan on line with out knowing they are doing it, if only they had read this guide to home loans! Mistakenly applying for a home loan can also happen sometimes if you meet with a lending manager in a Branch. With these methods sometimes before you know it your details are entered into the lenders computer system, a credit check done and you are told your loan is approved subject to you providing the supporting income and savings evidence.  While you might be please to know the lender will give you a loan you were really only shopping around and had not made a decision on the lender of your choice but now you have this application recorded against your credit rating.

Most lenders now use an online credit scoring system to assess loan applications. The human personal element has been removed. Here is a secret the banking industry doesn’t tell you. There are about numerous fields in an application that get a “Score”.  No one knows the exact number of fields, the lender can’t or won’t tell us.  If the score comes in outside the approval score your application is automatically declined. Have you seen Little Britain, “The computer says No”. If the computer says no it is very hard to get it overturned. It might be possible to have it overturned but it will delay your application at a time when time is of the essence. One of the main reasons loans are being declined with this credit scoring system is too many credit enquires over a short period of time on a client’s credit check report. From a lenders point of view they do not know that you have only been shopping around and did not actually proceeded with the loan applications that appear on your report. Their thinking is if the previous lenders would not approve a loan for you why should they take the risk and your loan is declined.

Guide to home loans – Myth No 2.    You can have a guarantor

So many times I have new clients coming to me and saying “my father will go guarantor” so I can get the loan. It just does not work that way, this part of my guide to home loans explains some of the ins and outs of having someone being your guarantor on a loan.

A guarantor can not be used to help you borrow more money than you can afford on your income alone. If their income is needed to help repay the loan the lender will require them to be a co borrower and their name will be on the loan. This in turn will restrict them from borrowing money in their own name as they now have a loan listed on their credit report. The only way a guarantor can be used is by offering an additional property or cash as security against a loan in order to save the cost of mortgage insurance.

When you are buying a property and you need a loan unless, in most instances, you have savings to cover not 20% of the purchase price plus stamp duty and legal costs you have to pay a once only mortgage insurance premium. This premium protects the lender in case you default on the loan. The premium can be thousands of dollars. Most lenders allow a guarantor in this instance.  The guarantor has to offer a property as security for the loan and the amount of the guarantee is limited to the mount required to have property offered as security covering up to 20% of property purchase and associated costs.

This form of guarantee is often referred to as a family guarantee or family pledge.

It is important to note that the guarantor in this instance is not being assessed in order to make repayments on behalf of the borrowers. Their guarantee is only being used to save the borrowers the cost of the mortgage insurance.  There usually has to be a family connection in order for this guarantee to be approved and the guarantor has to obtain independent financial and legal advice.

Should the borrower default on the loan both the borrowers and guarantor’s property could be sold to cover the amount owing to the bank.  In most cases should this happen it would be in the guarantors favour to try and arrange finance to cover this limited guarantee and have his property handed back to him. The problem arises then the guarantor does not have the borrowing capabilities to finance the amount of debt he has guaranteed.

Guide to home loans – Myth No 3.  I need to borrow money and get a credit rating before I can get a home loan.

I often hear clients say I have to borrow money on a credit card or personal loan to get a credit rating so I can get a home loan. Borrowing money on a high interest loan just to get a credit rating is just throwing good money away. There are other ways to build a great credit rating – these will now be explained in this guide to home loans.

What you really need to do to get a home loan is show a good savings history that will demonstrate to the lender that you have the income and lifestyle to commit to and repay a home loan.

When a lender is accessing you for a home loan they look for a savings history, stability of employment and your ability to repay the loan based on your income and other loan commitments. By having a credit card or personal loan the amount you can borrow is reduced.

If you have borrowed money in the past and missed payments or defaulted on the loan this will make it very difficult to be able to get a home loan.

Guide to home loans – Myth No 4. I can combine all my debts into my home loan.  

 Time and time again I have clients coming to me and they want to buy a property or refinance their current loan and also combine all their current debts into the new loan. This part of my guide to home loans will explain your options for debt consolidation.

This can only be done if you have enough equity in the property you are giving the lender as security for the loan. By equity I mean the difference in the loan amount to the value of the property. An example of this is you have a loan of $400,000 against a property worth $500,000 which means you have $100,000 equity or 80% equity.

When you are combining additional debts into your home loan this is seen as refinancing and the lender will only lend up to 90% of the value of the property held as security. Most first home buyers borrow between 90% to 95% of the value of the property so combining additional debts is not an option available to them.


No guide to home loans is complete without some tips for making the process of obtaining a home loan run smoothly.

Guide to home loans – Truth Number 1. Seek the Advice of an expert.

When you are looking for a home loan or even once you have one you will constantly have people giving advice on what can and can’t be done. Some advice will be correct, some will have once been right but now due to changes in lending policies will be obsolete and some advice will be just plain wrong. That’s where my guide to home loans, and more importantly personalised advice I can give you, comes in handy.

In order to ensure that you have the most up to date information you need to be speaking with the people who are involved on a daily basis with a variety of lenders and know their policies and procedures.

I have been advising people on home loans for over 25 years and have not only the knowledge and experience that comes with working in the home loan field but I also have the latest information at my fingertips due to the technology I have available to me.

My best advice to you is before you believe any of the “water cooler” talk about home loans you contact me to confirm what you have heard is true of false.

Guide to home loans – Truth Number 2. Know what is on your credit report.

Everyone should be aware of what is on their credit report. My guide to home loans will help you sort this out.

You can get a copy of your report at  You will wait 10 days for a free report or for about $60 dollars it can be emailed back to you in an hour. I provide these free for my clients if we think there may be a problem. So how can you shop around safely, investigate your options and not have your enquiries recorded on your credit report? The best way is by meeting with a reputable mortgage broker who is a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia.  A  member of this organization has a standard of ethic and education they must meet and you can feel confident you are dealing with a professional.

Guide to home loans – Truth Number 3. Get the best advice and information.

A mortgage broker will be able to show you various interest rates and loan products from a number of lenders. They can also discuss your personal situation and advise you on what loan product best suits your needs. Each lender has different criteria when they assess your loan application and some lenders will offer you a bigger loan than another lender. A mortgage broker can sort through all the options and you get to pick the loan that you want.  They know the policies and procedures of the lenders and can save you a lot of time and effort by talking through any loan characteristics that may or may not suite your situation.

A Mortgage Broker really is a one stop shop for your home loan needs.

I hope you have found this information useful and if you have any questions please contact me Kim Wight Mortgage Broker Sydney at



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Mortgage broker sydneyHi I am Kim Wight and I am a Mortgage Broker based in Sydney. Often when I am talking to people they will say “What is a Mortgage Broker?’’ or “What does a mortgage broker do?”

To explain my “job” cannot be done in a handful of words as simply saying I help people get the right home loan for their needs does not even starch the surface of what I do.

Mortgage Broker – one job, many roles.

When people are looking to get a home loan either to buy their first property, upgrade to a bigger home,  build, renovate or  buy an investment property they want to know if they can afford the repayments and they want to get the right home loan that is available to them.  This is where I start my role as a mortgage broker.


I will talk to you about what you are trying to achieve, ask questions about what your plans for the future regarding the property you are buying and also your personal plans. How you answer these questions helps decide what sort of home loan features you need such as redraw being available or an offset account.


I will also ask about how much you earn and what savings you have along with what other financial commitment s you have such as rent, personal loan, and credit card limits as this information determines how much you can borrow and what is your maximum purchase price.


Once we know how much you can spend I will show you the loans available to you from a large number of lenders including all the major banks. Each lender has a different way of assessing how much they will lender you and also their credit policies can also be different regarding the type of property you want to buy. I have access to these policies so together we can work through your home loan options and you can choose the lender and loan product you want to use.


Now that you have decided on a loan and a loan amount I will need some paperwork from you as evidence of income and savings and complete a home loan application and sent it to the lender of your choice.  I deal directly with the lender on your behalf and answer any questions they may have regarding the application.


Once I get formal advice from the lender that the loan has been approved I let you know and if it is a purchase I also advise your solicitor. I will then follow up the lender to make sure your mortgage documents are sent to you for signing and will go through these with you to make sure you understand them and they are signed and completed correctly.   I then send these back to the bank for checking and arranging the settlement of the loan.


No ! Once the loan has settled and you are in your new home or have your investment property, I am still around to answer your questions and keep you up to date in what is happening in the property and home loan market.

I will contact you once a year to make sure you are happy with your loan and let you know of any better interest rates on offer.


The most common question people often ask is what fee I charge. The answer is simple $0. Nothing.

I am paid a commission from which ever lender you choose. There is no charge to you and the interest rates and products are the same as you would be able to get if you went directly to the lender.

If you  need to arrange a home loan or have any home loans questions call me Kim Wight Mortgage Broker Sydney on 02 95 94 5722 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and I would be happy to help you. When you call you will speak directly with me and will only have to tell your story once. 

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I know this sounds very odd but shopping around for a competitive home loan can have unforeseen negative consequences.

I recently helped a client that had just received a declinal via their major bank branch. The application was declined because it failed the bank’s “Credit Score”.

The reason for this declinal was a complete mystery to us until we looked at their credit reference report. The clients had applied for six different credit products over the last six months. Three of these applications were for the same home loan (using three different bank managers). The client was simply shopping around at the branches in their local area.

I am convinced that multiple credit applications killed the deal because these clients had decent incomes, pretty good savings and long term jobs. Thankfully we were able to get the loan approved with a lender that still uses humans to assess a loan application.

Had this client approached me in the first instance, I would have shopped their deal with our 28 lenders and in the process we would have only created one credit inquiry.

The alternative would be to visit 28 different bank managers and have a tainted credit record.

People are voting with their feet. Recent reports indicate that 50% of all Australian home loans are now written by mortgage bokers.

If you would like your loans reviewed, please call me, Kim Wight Mortgage Broker Sydney . In a matter of minutes I can assess how competitive your current loan is.

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Mortgage broker Sydney


In my role as a Mortgage Broker in Sydney I work with many first home buyers. When it comes time to apply for a home loan you need to be ready with your paperwork to make getting a home loan quick and easy.  There is a list of paperwork to take with you when applying for a home loan. Not all lenders ask for the same thing but by having the following you will be covering all options.

First home buyers – your list of “must-haves”.


All lenders will want you to provide some form of photo identification. The easiest way is your driver’s license and passport. Other forms of ID are bank statement, public utility bill or Medicare card.

If you  the name on your ID or pay slips or other documents you are providing is different due to a change of name by marriage you need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate to evidence the change,


Most lenders will want to see your last computerised two pay slips showing your current pay and year to date income. If you work for a small company and your payslip does not show this information you will need a letter from your employer stating length of service and income details plus bank statements showing your income being deposited.


You need to provide a copy of your group certificate for your current employer if you have been in your current job six months or more. If you have been with your employer less than 6 months the group certificate from your previous employer is needed.


If you are self employed you need to provide your last two full years tax returns and tax assessment notices for yourself and if you operate as a company the company returns and financial statements.


Lenders will want to see that you have a savings history and require three months bank statements showing your deposit you are contributing. If some of your deposit money is by way of a gift and Statutory Declaration will be needed stating the amount of the gift and that it is not repayable.


You need to have details of any other debts you have when you are applying for a home loan. This could be personal loans, HELP debt and credit cards.  You need to let the lender know how much is owing, what the monthly repayments are and the limits of the credit cards.

By having the above information with you when you apply for a loan you will get approval much quicker and be ready to move into your new home much sooner.

If you have any questions or want help to getting a first home buyers home loan contact me Kim Wight Mortgage Broker Sydney at

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Why do we pay for car insurance but not life insurance?

Love your cars

Before I get started, I just want to make it clear that this is not intended to scare anyone but to make us realise how important life insurance really is.

In the last 2 years I have heard some shocking stories of people not being Insured. Life Insurance, is in my opinion more important than any other Insurance yet it is taken out less often than we take Car or Home Insurance.

Why take out life insurance?

The last thing we should do is leave our loved ones in the lurch if something goes wrong when to insure ourselves is cheaper than insuring our Homes or Cars. I have seen over the last couple of years people losing their homes and having to move kids from schools because affordability became an issue when a Partner Passed or was Disabled.

It doesn’t need to be this way! A debt should never out last the person who created it.

These statistics may be 2 years old but you get the drift. I would be surprised if they were much different today.

89% of cars are insured  “This is apparently close to the highest rate in the developed world”.

 87% of household (contents) are insured. “Again, this is right up there when compared to other developed countries”.

 77% of houses are insured. “This is also apparently high but it does seem low to me given the high cost of replacing a house”.

 22% of Australians have Life Insurance “Australians have close to the lowest rate of life insurance”.

For all of us our lives and the lives of our Loved ones are so much more important than our cars, contents or even our home’s. So why is it we still don’t do it. I have heard so many reasons. My own for example was I was busy and didn’t realise it would be so easy to get. Others have said it is too expensive or they have just not got around to do it. Some have said they don’t want blood tests where in most cases none are needed. I have also heard some say we have it in our Super yet when they check it is minimal and reducing in value every year.

Now if you already have this insurance in place then good on you, if you are in the majority and don’t then please shoot me through an email and we can start to get some cover in place so you and your loved ones are protected.


 I hope you have found this information useful and if you have any questions please contact me Kim Wight Mortgage Broker Sydney at

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